Fiskars Axe Review: What You Need To Know

Wood splitting is vital if you have to get the most out of wood by reducing wastage. It a vital part of wood processing that makes wood simpler and easier to handle. It also allows the wood to season much quickly by enabling air to penetrate all sides of the wood. Few brands are more accomplished than Fiskars when it comes to the production of splitting axes. The following Fiskars axe reviews are a testament to the quality and performance of two great splitting mauls currently in the market.

1. Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

Make every swing count with this extreme power axe. The Fiskars X27 one axe that can allow you split wood with deeper chops and more single-swing splits thanks its performance-oriented design, features, and specifications. Here are the reasons for the greatness of the X27:

Nearly Unbreakable Axe

This axe is fitted with unique Fiber Comp handle that is lightweight and stronger than steel making the axe nearly unbreakable. The composite handle is not only durable but also ergonomically comfortable. The inseparable insert-molded head contributes to the resistance of the axe to break due to impact or other influences. The handle will not break even if you do not use the right technique to swing, unlike other models.

Quality and Performance-Oriented Blade Design

The Fiskars X27 steel head blade is engineered with a proprietary grinding technology that delivers a sharper edge for better contacts and cleaner cuts. Furthermore, the blade includes a low-friction coating that protects it and ensures it stays sharper for longer. The coating also helps the blade to power through wood and prevents the head from being stuck. The sharpness of the edge and the coating are the reasons behind the efficiency of this garden tool.

Great Power at Impact

The Fiskars X27 brings together perfect weight distribution with advanced blade geometry, unbreakable handle design and ultra-sharp edge to deliver incredible power at the impact. This means one swing with minimal effort and the wood will explode apart. It is obvious that some logs are harder to split but the majority of the wood we use here are easily split by this splitting maul.

Think of this splitting axe as an aluminum baseball bat. The perfect weight distribution provides a maximum power-to-weight ratio that improves swing speed to multiply power. Actually, the X27’s head features a unique convex steel blade that is much heavier and larger than other models in its class.

Long and Comfortable Handle

The 36-inch X27 handle enables you to apply more force with every swing than what an equal amount of effort will deliver with a shorter handle axe. This handle length makes the tool an ideal choice for taller individuals. The handle also features a non-slip grip at the end and a vibration-absorbing chamber. This means you will not feel each wood fiber giving away as you chop.


  • Well made tool for splitting wood effortlessly and with efficiency
  • Strong, durable and nearly unbreakable​​​​​
  • Very easy to control and use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Lightweight but powerful for one-strike splits.


  • The X27 super splitter 36-inch handle is only ideal for taller users​​​​​
  • It may not work well with knottier wood pieces.

2. Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul, 36 Inch

Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul, 36 Inch

The Iso Core maul from Fiskars is the axe of choice for hardcore wood splitting. The maul is so named because it features Fiskars patented IsoCore Shock system designed to reduce shock and vibration by 2 times. The rugged powerful maul is one of a kind that will help you take on tough wood splitting projects while helping to minimize joint pain and muscle fatigue. Several features provide for the great performance of this splitting maul.

A Dual Purpose Forged Steel Head

Unlike the Fiskars X27 that features only the splitting face, the Iso Core maul is dual purpose. It features forged premium steel head with a splitting face for wood part and a driving face for which you can use to drive wedges. Alternatively, you can strike the driving face with another tool during splitting to help for the wedge. The dual-purpose head makes the tool extremely versatile. The steel head features a rust-resistant coating.

Performance-Driven Head Design

The IsoCore splitting maul features optimized blade geometry that provides better penetration and blasts stubborn logs apart. The inseparable riveted head is designed to prevent it from sliding down or snapping off even when you have to swing with maximum force. Furthermore, the driving face can be hit with another object to boost log splitting further to ensure even the knottiest logs do not stand a chance.

Performance Handle Design

This survival tool has a dual-layer handle that presents an uniquely engineered amalgamation of insulating materials to dampen any lingering vibration as well as sleeve reinforced with steel to help protect the maul against overstrike damage. The IsoCore maul features handle flares designed to keep the tool firmly in your hands when swinging to avoid accidents. An insulation sleeve is designed to capture the initial strike shock before it can reach your hands allowing you to work for long periods without fatigue.

The Fiskars yet-to-be-patented strategic handle texturing presents large dimples in the resting places of your fingers for optimal grip and small dimples where the palm rests to prevent the formation of blisters. Furthermore, the Softgrip handle provides a sculptured profile to fit the natural shape of your hand for better ergonomics.


  • Patented IsoCore shock system guarantees extra comfort and minimal body strain
  • Dual purpose head provides for versatile operation
  • Inseparable riveted head means the minimal chance of breakage and guaranteed durability
  • Softgrip handle designed to create closer profile to ergonomically fit your hand
  • Handle flares provide for additional security
  • Come with full lifetime warranty reflecting Fiskars’ unwavering confidence with the tool.


  • Not as aesthetically appealing as the more traditional splitting mauls​​​​​
  • May not be as balanced as Fiskars X27 Super Splitting axe and a few others in its class
  • The handle (36-inches) may be too long for shorter individuals.

As you can see from the Fiskars axe reviews, it is possible to find a dependable axe that can deliver the best when it comes to wood processing for the fireplace. These tools may not look sophisticated but they feature performance and quality-oriented designs that give them an upper hand when it comes to wood splitting. Both are easy to use and they are gentle on your hands meaning you can use them even for the most intense wood splitting jobs without discomfort or fatigue. Take time and check them out. I guess you will love either or both of them.

Fiskars Axe Review: What You Need To Know
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